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Last pony left for sale...ever!!!

Journal Entry: Sat May 18, 2013, 4:20 PM
As many of you are aware, I am retiring very soon and instead of these little ponies being stuck in a box not seeing daylight for years, I am offering them up for sale 1 last time at the lowest prices ever so act now if you want to get them or they will never be available again! Prices do not include shipping. If interested, send me a note with your address and I will give you a total with shipping. I will ship anywhere in the world.

Pinkie Pie Copperpony by MadPonyScientist Pinkie Pie Copperpony at the beach with Gummy - over 6 inches tall   SOLD  She is the last pony I will ever have for sale!!!


United States

I'm MadPonyScientist. I make ponies. I also dabble a bit in sculpting dragons and a few other things So check out my gallery and see all my ponies, crazy pony toys and a few dragons and such and don't be afraid to say hi! I ALWAYS respond to comments and notes and I am almost always online. So have a good visit and come back often as I am always adding new stuff.



Send me a note here or contact me at : and reference COMMISSION in the title.

My general sculpture prices are:

$40 -$65 - Fillies and Ponies from the show or OC sculpture of your choice. Princesses and Queens are more
$??? bases and accessories for pony - price depends on complexity.
$80 - $120 - 2 pony sculpture pose , snowglobes
$125 and up = talking sculpture, , moving parts, color changing mane, etc.

Large sculpture, NSFW pony or Extra special sculpt........let's talk about it.

Dragons $15 to $20


1) :icontoadma: - Celestia (pd 50% )
2) :iconnomdecheval: - Nightmare Moon (pd in full incl ship) - FINISHED
3) :iconzbvfdb-p: - Canon pony (pd 50%)
8) :iconsharkpocalypse: - 2 OC's ( pd in full incl shipping) - FINISHED
9) :iconmeline134: - Lyra and BonBon (pd 50%)
11) :iconshadowhare: - OC (pd 50%)
12) :iconliuur: Hooded Luna (pd in full - incl shipping) -FINISHED)
13) :iconspiritimvu: - Rarity monitor buddy (pd 50%) - FINISHED
14) :iconsweetwaterpony: Luna trade

All of my MLP sculptures are purely fanart.

My Little Pony property of Lauren Faust and HASBRO

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